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Sunday, September 10th, from noon to 4 pm

You have orchids taht have grown too big during the summer? Vous have divided them? You have split communitary pots? In short, you no longer have enough room to fit everything inside? We have the solution to your problem!

You took your orchids out too early and they froze? They were burned by the too intense sun? Did they get dehydrated from too long a beach vacation? In short, you put them in the brown bin and have plenty of room to welcome new residents? We also have the solution to your problem!


Our annual Bazaar is the perfect solution! Come and sell, buy or exchange orchids and more.

  • The Bazaar is open to everyone; admission is free.

  • Only members in good standing of Les Orchidophiles de Montréal can sell.

  • Sales are mainly aimed at orchids and useful material for their cultivation (potting materials, pots and baskets, cork bark, etc.)

  • There will also be a table selling books on orchids and horticulture.

  • You will also have the opportunity to register or re-register at the Société des Orchidophiles de Montréal for the 2023-2024 season, which will begin in September.

  • Merchants who are members of the Société des Orchidophiles de Montréal will be present on site. More information on this point will follow shortly.


Parking of the Sainte Louise de Marillac Church

7901 Sainte-Claire St, Montréal, QC, H1L 1W2

Access to the bazaar via the Bruxelles street


Sunday, September 10 12th, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.


Bring tables and chairs and other materials you will need to set up your sales booth. No refreshments available on site – don’t forget your water!

Those who wish to advertise their plants to sell or to exchange can send their list of plants to, for publication on this page.

Those who wish to advertise their plants for sale or exchange can send their list of plants to for publication on this page. We advise you to use the template opposite.


Click on the picture to see the list of plants of the seller

Raymond Lussier
Nicole Roy
Alain Provost
Mélanie Picard
Rildo Alves
Jacques Bonneau
Orchido. Montréal
Michel Sauriol

ADRESSE : Ste-Louise-de-Marillac Church, 7901 Ste-Claire St, Montreal, H1L 1W2 

Station Honoré-Beaugrand

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